About us

With a deep love for the outdoors and everything it stands for, we constantly think about the fact that the time we are able to spend in the wild is far too limited.  When we, the outdoor enthusiasts, return from the field, it is in a home that is inspired with a touch of the outdoors in which we feel most comfortable.  The photos, the memorabilia, the rustic home decor and accents all reflect our true passion for being outdoors.  By recalling the memories of an extraordinary adventure on a back trail, our artisans create an indoor refuge of renewal and inspiration. Each product inspires the awestruck moments of nature like the bounding whitetail deer, bugling elk, protective bear or the camp fire on a star filled evening outside the cabin or lodge. These wonderful experiences are brought to life with our line of home decor and furnishings, combining the best times of family and friends with the outdoor lifestyle that we are so passionate about.

The team at Back Trail Decor has been involved in designing, developing and manufacturing high quality rustic home decor for many years. We are working hard to ensure that our selection fits your lifestyle.  Our skilled artisans develop one-of-a-kind items that tell the stories of great back trail adventures. Our goal is to be your trusted purveyor of finely crafted outdoor, hunting and fishing themed home decor, gifts and other lifestyle items that reflect an outdoor inspired lifestyle.

Take time to look through our selection. We firmly believe that you not only will like what you see, but will develop a trusted relationship with us as we search the great outdoors for rustic furnishings that will bring joy and peace to your indoors.